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get a GBA to get it

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Q: How do you trade Regigigas to Pokemon Platinum?
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Where to you catch regigigas in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Trade with Pokemon Platinum, Pearl, or Diamond.

Does regigigas have a new form in Pokemon Platinum?

regigigas don't have a new form in Pokemon platinum REGIGIGAS IS LEVEL ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone want to trade me a regigigas for Pokemon Platinum?

rejigs for mew-three X

How do you find the event regigigas in Pokemon platinum?

You had to get it in a Nintendo event for D&P, then trade it over.

How do you get reiceregirockand registeel in Pokemon platinum?

In a wifi event you are given a Regigigas and it unlocks them. That it the only way unless you trade

How do you get the legendary golems?

Trade the event Regigigas to Pokemon Platinum then get the national pokedex and it will unlock certain events in the game.

How do you get regigigas on Pokemon Ruby?

You cannot get Regigigas for Pokemon Ruby since it is a newer generation of Pokemon. It is for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

How to get regigigas in Pokemon Ruby?

Regigigas is a Pokemon from Diamond/Pearl and Platinum so it is a newer generation of Pokemon. Therefore, you cannot get it

Can you get regigigas in Pokemon Emerald?

I am sorry it's impossible to get Regigigas in Pokemon Emerald. You can only get it in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.

How do you find rigice in Pokemon diamond?

Pal Park or trade is the only legit way. In platinum, you may find the Regice, if you have an Event Regigigas, but only in Platinum.

How do you get regigigas in SoulSilver?

You cannot get Regigigas in Pokémon SoulSilver, you will have to trade it from Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.

What is the 486 Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

Regigigas is Pokemon #486 on Pokemon Platinum. To get it, go to the Snowpoint Temple with Regirock, Registeel, and Regice.