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Q: Can you trade Pokemon on ds emulator computer to an actual ds?
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How can you trade Pokemon on emulators?

You cam only trade Pokemon in emulators to another emulator. If you are trying to trade a Pokemon from the emulator to your actual game you can't

How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon emerald on computer?

You need a decent emulator. VBA wont work.

Can you trade to another computer somehow on Pokemon fire red emulator?

No you cannot.

How can you trade pokemon on VBA?

You can't Virtual Boy Advanced is a Emulator on a computer so no

How do you trade Pokemon on the emulator?

you cannot trade on the visual boy advance emulator.

How do you trade a Pokemon using VisualBoyAdvance emulator in PC?

You can but you need to download another emulator to trade. Its called a vba link emulator. Just download it and open it, then press options, link then wireless adapter. it should work then with two emulators on the same computer.

How do you trade Pokemon in meboy games?

MeBoy is an emulator to play gba games on the cell, kinda slow. to answer your quesion,NO you cannot trade Pokemon bluetooth from your cell to another or to a computer and vice-versa as it is not supported.

Can you trade Pokemon black with another black game in the union room?

You can't, because they are using an emulator on the computer.

If you have Pokemon red on an emulator on a computer Is there any way of evolving the Pokemon you need to trade to evolve?

yes, there's a web page(i don't know, i forgot it...) where you can trade Pokemon from a computer to another or from a computer to a real fire red-leaf green game via Nintendo DS. Update: the page is

What emulator work to trade Pokemon?

What do you mean an emulator that works to trade pkm there's no such thing! an emulator has no wifi connection! the reason they don't have wifi is because they are not a legit copy of the game!

How can you trade in Pokemon crystal using an emulator?

You need gba link

How do you evolve a Pokemon like electabuzz on a emulator?

you give it the item and trade it