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you give it the item and trade it

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Q: How do you evolve a Pokemon like electabuzz on a emulator?
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Where can you find good Pokemon for the elite four in Pokemon fire red?

There are good Pokemon like electabuzz and aerodactyl zapdos articuno dragonite and you have to evolve your starter Pokemon to the third evolve

How electabuzz evolves electivire?

First you will need 2 ds's two Pokemon diamond, pearl, platinum games an Electrobooster and of corse an Electabuzz first give the Electabuzz the Electrobooster and set up a trade with the Electabuzz for any other Pokemon after the trade your Electabuzz will evolve. hope you like your Electvire!

How do you evolve an electabuzz?

You evolve it by trading it with an electirizer. It looks like a little yellow box. For all your Pokemon needs, go to Its a great site.

Can you catch an electivire or do you have to evolve an elekid?

no get electabuzz, give it a electrolizer, or somthin along that line, give to electabuzz then trade, its like rhydon and the protecter

How do you get electivire in Pokemon pearl?

Migrate an Elekid and bond with it. it will evolve into electabuzz. use a thunder stone on it. it will evolve dude that is not how you get an elekid evolve it into electabuzz just like he said but to get it a electavire you need to add an eletize or however you spell it thing you need to put firered i the advanced slot (bottom for GBA games) and youll; be able to find it 5%of the elekids you find will have the itme you need

Does throh evolve in Pokemon and when?

no throh does not evolve in to a Pokemon. it is a rare Pokemon and some of them can not evolve like throh.

Rate your team on Pokemon Diamond charizard-100 peliper-100 swampert-84 dragonite-71 electabuzz-75 tyranitar-67?

Nice team i like it that should beat the pokemo league. You should catch Palkia to help and evolve Electabuzz into Electivire in it hmm?

How do you evolve electabuzz on Pokemon platinum?

Trade it while it holds the electrizer. Elekid with FireRed in the GBA slot around Valley Windworks, and half the time they hold electrizers. It looks like a box with an electrical outlet on it.

Why can't my Pokemon FireRed save on VBA?

If you are using an emulator like VBA to play Pokemon Fire Red then you do not save as you normally do. You save using the emulator controls.

How do you find elikid in Pokemon FireRed?

Elekid like most Johto pokemon are the baby form of a different pokemon in this case Elekid is the baby form of Electabuzz which is a Kanto pokemon that can be found in the Power Plant. If you breed Electabuzz you can get a Elekid egg and hatch it to gain Elekid.

Can you play Pokemon diamond on a computer?

Yes, but you have to play it on emulator, like No$GBA.

How do you get electivier in Pokemon platnium?

go catch an Electabuzz in route 222, im sure by the time u reach to route 222 u have already found the item Electirizer if u havent found it, its around Valley Windworks or sometimes held by wild Electabuzz, but i doubt u can catch one with that item cause its hard to find one that will holding it, its like catching a chansey with Lucky Egg. after u have the item Electirizer, make ur Electabuzz hold the item, trade the Pokemon to a friend or get a hold of another ds and trade it over to the other Pokemon game, and electabuzz will evolve into Electivire hope i helped

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