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yes, there's a web page(i don't know, i forgot it...) where you can trade Pokemon from a computer to another or from a computer to a real fire red-leaf green game via Nintendo DS.


the page is

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Q: If you have Pokemon red on an emulator on a computer Is there any way of evolving the Pokemon you need to trade to evolve?
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What Pokemon does everstone stop evolving?

The everstone stops evolving all Pokemon that evolve in the first place.

Why did my Pokemon stop evolving without an everstone?

There are two ways to stop a Pokemon from evolving. The first is to give it an everstone, which prevents you from working everytime the Pokemon is ready to evolve. The second way is to press "B" when the Pokemon is evolving. If you did neither, then your Pokemon is not ready to evolve.

How do you evolve Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum for computer?

Train them to a certain lvl and they'll evolve. A few needs a link trade for evolving and some can evolve by using a stone (like fire stone, water stone etc.)

Can a Pokemon evolve later if you made it stop evolving?

If you stop a Pokemon from evolving, it`ll try to evolve every level after that unless it`s holding an everstone.

What level do evolving Pokemon evolve at in Pokemon white?

Well, it depends on what Pokemon it is.

What level Pokemon evolve on pokem pearl?

it depends on the Pokemon that are evolving

When mew evolving Pokemon Yellow?

Mew does NOT evolve

Can Pokemon evolve if you stop them evolving once?


How do you evolve a Pokemon if you delay its evolution?

when your Pokemon is evolving press b and a when your Pokemon is evolving press b and a

How do you make a Pokemon evolve when you stop it from evolving?

If you accidentally pressed "B" while your Pokemon was evolving, all you have to do is level it up again.

How do you evolve a Pokemon like electabuzz on a emulator?

you give it the item and trade it

In Pokemon ruby does torkoal evolve?

No, Torkoal is not capable of evolving further.