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There are two ways to stop a Pokemon from evolving. The first is to give it an everstone, which prevents you from working everytime the Pokemon is ready to evolve. The second way is to press "B" when the Pokemon is evolving. If you did neither, then your Pokemon is not ready to evolve.

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Q: Why did my Pokemon stop evolving without an everstone?
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What is everstone?

An Everstone is an item that can be given to a Pokemon. It prevents any Pokemon from evolving.

What Pokemon does everstone stop evolving?

The everstone stops evolving all Pokemon that evolve in the first place.

How can you stop your Pokemon from evolving on Pokemon ruby?

Give them a everstone or press b when they are evolving ;)

On Pokemon dimanod how do you stop Pokemon from evolving?

everstone or pressing b

How do you stop Evolving Pokemon?

Press b. Or give it a everstone.

What Pokémon's evolve by using a everstone in emerald?

Nothing. An everstone is just a hold item to stop the Pokemon from evolving.

How can you stop a Pokemon from evolving in Pokemon indigo?

There is not such game as "Pokemon indigo", but to stop any Pokemon from evolving, you either give it an everstone or just press b a few times.

Can a Pokemon evolve later if you made it stop evolving?

If you stop a Pokemon from evolving, it`ll try to evolve every level after that unless it`s holding an everstone.

How do you stop evolution of a Pokemon FireRed?

You can press and hold 'b' to stop a Pokemon from evolving. Also, you can make the Pokemon hold an Everstone.

How do you get an everstone on diamond?

I am looking for an everstone on Pokemon diamond so i can stop my Quilava evolving into a Typhlosion, can you help me? Can get one under ground i just did

What Pokemon evolve when you use the everstone in soulsilver?

The everstone is used to PREVENT evolution, so none evolve with it. When a Pokemon holds one, and reaches the level it usually evolves, it won't even try. You would need to remove the everstone and level the Pokemon up another level to evolve it.

What is a evolve?

Evolving is what Pokemon do when they change shape and strength. You can stop evolution by pressing "B," or holding everstone.