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No, Ground-type Pokemon are immune to Electric attacks.

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Q: Are thunder moves effective against ground element Pokemon?
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In Pokemon are thunder moves effective against ground element?


What is super effective against thunder?

Actually the Ground is the only super effective type against thunder type pokemon.

Is water Pokemon super effective on thunder Pokemon?

no it is not

What moves are super effective against kingdra in Pokemon emerald?

See, electric type moves are effective against water Pokemon. Thunder or Thunderbolt are powerful attacks very effective against water Pokemon such as kingdra. ACTUALLY, since Kingdra is a dragon type too, electric type moves are just normally effective. Dragon type is super effective against Kingdra. But then Kingdra would be supereffective against you too!

Can thunder type Pokemon bet rock type Pokemon?

yes but it wont be very effective

What is super effective against Lugia?

i use rollout or some more effective thunder moves

What is super affective on thunder Pokemon?

Ground type is the only type effective to electric type.

What is strong against gyarados?

Electric type moves are extremely effective against Gyrados, rock type moves are super effective as well.

What is very effective against Lance's Pokemon?

If I were battling Lance, I would use Electric and Dragon Pokemon but I would use thunder because although dragon is useful against dragon types it will backfire if Lance uses a powerful dragon type move. If you are re-battling Lance use Electric type moves against all of Lance Pokemon except Garchomp because Electric type moves don't have any effect against Ground Type moves, but Dragon type moves would be the most effective type of move to use.

Is Kyogre stronger than Groudon?

There like the same because Kyogre's moves are super effective against Groudon. But in one Pokemon episode, Kyogre lost to a battle against Groudon. But that might just be Groundon's luck. Groudon can also learn fissure- fainting a Pokemon in one hit- and solarbeam- super effective against water types.

Is Thunder fang a TM in Pokemon Pearl?

no thunder fang is not a TM in Pokemon pearl no thunder fang is not a TM in Pokemon pearl

What does a thunder stone evolve in Pokemon emerold?

thunder Pokemon if it has evolutions