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no thunder fang is not a TM in Pokemon pearl

no thunder fang is not a TM in Pokemon pearl

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Q: Is Thunder fang a TM in Pokemon Pearl?
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Where do you get thunder punch in Pokemon pearl?

There is no TM for thunder punch.

Where do you get the TM thunder punch Pokemon pearl?

You can't. Only in the second generation (gold, silver, crystal) it's TM41. In Diamond and Pearl is their no Thunder Punch TM. You can learn Thunder Punch in Pokemon Platinum from the Move Tutor.

Is thunder fang a TM in Pokemon Platinum?

no, certain Pokemon will learn it a certain level. ie, luxio will learn it at level 38

Where do you find tm thunder bolt in pokemon pearl?

surf behind the valley windworks.

How do you get the TM mean look on Pokemon Pearl?

There is no TM mean look on Pokemon pearl.

How do you get thunder fang?

To obtain Thunder Fang in Pokémon games, you can either teach it to a Pokémon using a TM (Technical Machine) or breed a Pokémon that can learn Thunder Fang with a parent that knows the move. In some games, you can also receive Thunder Fang as a prize or find it in the wild.

Pokemon pearl how do you get the TM fissure?

You cannot get the TM Fissure in Pokemon Pearl. Fissure hasn't been a TM move since Pokemon Red and Blue.

Where is TM Mean Look in Pokemon pearl?

Mean look is not a TM. It can only be learned by breeding or leveling.

Can you get the thunder TM in Pokemon Blue?

You get TM25 Thunder in the Power Plant in Pokemon Blue.

Is ice fang a TM in Pokemon platinum?

I don't think ice fang is a TM. Only some water or ice type Pokemon can learn it naturally, as they level up.

Where do you find the TM flail in Pokemon pearl?

There isn't a tm for the move flail in Pearl.

Is Thunder punch a TM in Pokemon diamond?