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The Master Code is:


Infinite Shovel MP:

0220259a 00098967f

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Q: Are there any master of the monster lair action replay codes?
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What does the action replay master code do?

IT makes the other action replay codes work.

What is the Master code cheat for action replay?

there is a master code cheat to use the cheats in the action replay with out it the codes wont work

Get master ball codes on platinum?

get an action replay and look on youtube ffor platinim codes

How do you copy master balls in Pokemon platinum?

You would need to use an Action Replay code by using Action Replay DS or a flashcart which supports Action Replay codes.

How do you get 456 master balls in Pokemon platinum?

Use Action replay codes

How do you get unlimited master balls on Pokemon black version?

action replay codes

How do you activate the x999 master ball cheat in Pokemon pearl?

You need to use Action Replay DS, or a flashcart that supports Action Replay codes.

What is game shark master code?

Gameshark Master codes are simalar to Action Replay codes and allow you tocheat in a video game or unlock things.

Are there any Action replay codes for monster lab on the ds?

Code Junkies has codes for the UK version.

What is M in animal crossing action replay?

its the master code. do not delete it or no other codes will work.

What is the Pokemon platinum AR m code?

Action replay doesn't use master codes.

What are some Monster rancher advance 2 action replay codes?

this is where you can find it go to google and search Monster RAncher Advance 2 Gameshark cheat codes gamefaqs