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there is a master code cheat to use the cheats in the action replay with out it the codes wont work

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Q: What is the Master code cheat for action replay?
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How do you get more master ball in diamond?

Cheat code. You need an action replay.

Pokemon Platinum cheat code for 999 master balls?

you need to have an action replay to get that .efuishnmcug

What is the action replay cheat to sell master balls?

the code is 54310000 afcff810 54231987 dacb4350

Infinite master balls action replay code?

the cheat code only lets you have 999 master balls but it seems like there is infinite

What is action replay code to catch any Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

yes. its master ball cheat

What is cheat code to get infinite master balls on Pokemon fire red?

There is none you can use an action replay

Is there any way to cheat to get a shiny Pokemon?

Yes by making a action replay cheat code. Yes by making an action replay cheat code.

How do you create an action replay code?


What is an action replay on DS?

An Action Replay (AR) Is A Cheat Code Device For DS

Master ball cheat for Pokemon diamond?

check the action replay code manager or neoseeker (there arent many codes)

How do you get 999 master balls in Pokemon soul silver?

You have to use an Action Replay and find a cheat code. If you Google "Action Replay" and "AR soul silver cheats" you will find everything :)

What does the action replay master code do?

IT makes the other action replay codes work.