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Q: Are fire pokemon weak against poison?
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What are grass type Pokemon weak against?

they r weak against fire, flying, poison, bug and ice

What type Pokemon are weak against ground type Pokemon?

Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel

What is grass Pokémon's weakness?

Grass type Pokemon are weak against Ice, Fire, Poison, Bug and Flying.

What Pokemon are weak against what diamond?

Lots of pokemon types can be weak against one but, obviously, the basics are,Grass is weak against fire, fire is weak against water, water is weak against grass, water is weak against electric, metal is weak against fire, normal is weak against dark, dark is weak against poison, flying is weak against electric, Sorry for boring you, ( I am under the age of 10) XP Thanks for your time :D

What types are Bug Pokemon weak to?

In Generation I, Bug Pokemon were weak to Fire, Flying, Poison and Rock types. In Generation II and onward, they are weak to Fire, Flying and Rock types.Bug Pokemon are resistant against Fighting, Grass and Ground types in all generations.

What type beats a grass type Pokemon?

Grass-type Pokemon are weak against Fire, Flying, Poison, Ice, and Bug-type attacks.

What are bug type Pokemon weak against?

Bug type Pokemon are weak against Fire, Fighting, and Flying. Not fighting there not weak against fighting types, there weak against Fire, Flying and Rock.

What types of Pokemon is Zapdos better than?

Zapdos is better than Water, Fire, and Poison types. And he is weak against Grass.

What Pokemon are weak to bug Pokemon?

The Pokemon that are weak to bug Pokemon are Pokemon that are the grass, poison, or psychic type.

What type is strong against Poison types Pokemon?

Poison types are weak against Ground and Psychic types.

What is venomoth weak against?

Venomoth is a Bug-Poison Pokémon. He's weak against Fire, Pshychic and Rock.

What Pokemon types are weak against what?

fire: effective against: steel, grass, bug, ice Weak against: Dragon, water, fire, rock Water: Effective against: rock, ground, fire Weak against: water, grass, ice, dragon Grass: Effective against: water, ground, rock Weak against: grass, fire Dark: Effective against: ghost, psychic Weak against: dark, fighting, rock, steel Fighting: Effective against: dark, steel, normal, ice, rock Weak against: bug, poison, flying, psychic Not-Affected: ghost Electric: Effective against: flying, water Weak against: dragon, grass, electric Not-Affected: rock, ground Ground: Effective against: poison, steel, electric, fire, rock Weak against: bug, grass Not-Affected: flying Flying: Effective against: grass, fighting, bug Weak against: electric, steel, rock Poison: Effective against: grass Weak against: ghost, rock, ground, poison Not-Affected: Steel Dragon: Effective against: dragon Weak against: steel Steel: Effective against: rock, ice Weak against: electric, water, fire, steel Ice: Effective against: grass, rock, flying, dragon, ground Weak against: water, steel, ice, fire Rock: Effective against: flying, fire, bug, ice Weak against: rock, ground, fighting, steel Ghost: Effective against: ghost psychic Weak against: dark, steel Not-Affected: normal Bug: Effective against: dark, psychic, grass Weak against: fighting, steel, fire, flying, ghost, poison Psychic: Effective against: fighting, poison Weak against: psychic, steel Not-Affected: dark