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Yes, because Sonic only likes her as a friend, and Amy is obsessed with him, which why she keeps chasing after him.

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Q: Are Sonic and Amy bad for each other?
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Did tails kill sonic?

no but in the fan movie sonic epilogue sonic got a shot that made him bad then tails killed him

Why is Sonic's Voice Changed In Sonic Colors?

OMG my friend told me the other day that his voice changed and it's really bad, when I saw the commercial his voice WAS BAD, it was completely different, it was to deep! I think his voice changed because the last voice actor for sonic quite the occupation of voicing him (Which I wish he didn't!) IF that is what happened. Either that or SEGA where ready for a change. I don't like the change AT ALL though. They also got a new voice actress for Tails! Ridiculous, I know. They should have kept Andy Griffith (sonic) and Amy Palant (Tails)! I can never see Sonic and Tails the same way ever again! His voice is so different that it seems as though his personality should change with it, the new voices do not match the characters at all to me.

Is Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog a Bad Guy?

He was in his debut game, Sonic 3, however he found out later in the game that he was tricked by Robotnik and joined Sonic and Tails

Is shadow the hedgehog the bad boy of the sonic series?

yes shadow the hedgehog is the bad boy of sonic because he just is and he's the loner/Gothic type plus being the bad boy there are like 20,000,000 shadow the hedgehog Fangirls

Whos stronger sonic or shadow?

Sonic is stronger than Shadow and Silver because Sonic can knock Shadow out so bad that when he would cry in his death because Shadow cant even get close to Sonic and if he does then Sonic can use sonic wind to blow him away and then it's lights out Shadow!

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Are sonic and Amy bad for eard other?

Yes, because sonic only like her as a friend& Amy has a accession with him

Is Amy rose intergalactic?

no =B DON'T ASK but i'm sorry for yelling i'm in a bad mood but no she is not nether is she sonic's girlfriend sonic is only her friend Amy is shadow's I believe because Amy is a pre- teen because she is only 12 Sonic is a teenager he's 15 so they are too young and old for each other for there own good Sonic should've been born a month earlier Amy should've been born a month later. now everyone has there answer

Sonic hate Amy?

I think so because Amy is to young for Sonic and shes 12. if sonic is 15 hes a high schooler(not in shows but I'm just saying if they were in a school) and Amy is a middle schooler. All the Amy haters please believe me and any girl you made for Sonic..I love that. I hate it that the Sonic x creaters made Sonic kiss Amy. I wish that whatever other girl they can make up would be 1 year younger than Sonic. if anyone else thinks I'm satupid well, that's your loss. i have a made up gfirl of my own and her name is Musa. Shes way prettier than Amy and more attractrive. And all the other girls who love sonic be the one to be a Amy hater and get your girl to love Sonic. And one more thing Amy is pink shes weird looking and a terrible looking dress. I'm not saying shes a bad character I'm just saying i don't want her to be with a blue hedgehog named Sonic. please Sonic pick a different girl(whine:( :( )

When did Sonic meet shadow?

Shadow was a bad guy before then he knew nothing then sonic came and then shadow says who are u and sonic said im sonic then they fight then sonic won and they know each other now.

Do the chaotix hate sonic and if yes why?

Knuckles is not a bad guy but a rival of sonic and The others like him.

How bad does sonic upset Amy?

he get her upset pretty bad,but says sorry and she forgive him by the end of the episode so he really don`t upset her REALLY bad.

Who is the strongest in sonic x?

sonic x he defeat about everything that eggman or that other bad guy do he rocks

Is sonic adventures good quality compared to other sonic games?

In my personal opinion it has bad quality. The controls are way too sensitive and there are too many glitches in the game. Sonic and the other characters such as Tails, Knuckles, Amy etc. look awkward to me. According to people I know who also have the game, it is impossible to beat the game because of Big the Cat. Another game with bad quality that I know of is Sonic the Hedgehog '06. Although the story-line is beautiful the controls are again sensitive and have too many glitches (no offense to all you Sonic the Hedgehog '06 fans but you have to admit about the sensitive controls and the glitches). However, there are many sonic games to enjoy from with good quality like Sonic Colors, Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic Generations. My favorite is Sonic Generations!!!

Is sonic so bad?

No, sonic is good. Dr. Eggman is bad.

What is the duration of Bad for Each Other?

The duration of Bad for Each Other is 1.38 hours.

When was Bad for Each Other created?

Bad for Each Other was created on 1953-12-24.

Does Sonic stop Robotnik?

He never does on sonic satam and sonic underground. Too bad.