Name of place ending with toft?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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lowestoft is 1

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Q: Name of place ending with toft?
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What is the birth name of Charlotte Toft?

Charlotte Toft's birth name is Charlotte Toft Jacobsen.

What places ending in toft in the UK?

"Toft" is Old Norse which means "homestead".Here are some places in the UK that end in "toft".TownsLowestoftVillages and ParishesAltoftsFishtoftHuttoftKnaptoftLangtoft (Lincolnshire)Langtoft (East Riding of Yorkshire)ScraptoftSibbertofStowlangtoftToft (Lincolnshire)Toft (Cheshire)Toft (Cambridgeshire)WibtoftYelvertoftHamletsToft (Warwickshire)DistrictsBurmantoftFurther Reading:List of generic forms in place names in the United Kingdom and Ireland (Wikipedia)

When was Mary Toft born?

Mary Toft was born in 1701.

When did Mary Toft die?

Mary Toft died in 1763.

What is Toft Newton's population?

The population of Toft Newton is 522.

When was Claude Toft born?

Claude Toft was born in 1922.

When did Claude Toft die?

Claude Toft died in 1981.

How tall is Mickey Toft?

Mickey Toft is 5' 10".

How tall is Morgan Toft?

Morgan Toft is 188 cm.

What is the population of Toft Monks?

Toft Monks's population is 324.

When was Arve Toft born?

Arve Toft was born in 1966.

Who is grace toft?

Grace Toft is many people. Which one are you asking about?