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The Isshu Region.

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Q: After going to Sinnoh what the next region that ash will go?
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Is ash going to beat the Sinnoh elite four?

No Ash is not going to battle the Sinnoh Elite 4.

In Pokemon does ash have Lucario in Sinnoh region?


What is the next reigion after Sinnoh from Pokemon which ash and friends go to?

Ash will go to the Isshu region. He takes pikachu along and will travel with Iris and Dento.

Does ash catch a gligar in the Sinnoh region?


What region is ash going to next in Pokemon?

As of December 13, 2013, Ash will be going to the Kalos region next in terms of the U.S. broadcast however in terms of the Japanese airing schedule, he's already in the Kalos region.

Will ash go to a nother region after Sinnoh?

yes he goes to a new region called the issue region.

What ep in Pokemon may meets ash in Sinnoh?

Ash and May are characters in the Pokémon anime series. Ash meets May in the Sinnoh region in the 541st episode.

What was the first pokemon ash caught in Sinnoh?

Ash entered the Sinnoh region with Pikachu and Aipom, Team Rocket arrived and took Pikachu away, but their hot air balloon went down and Pikachu flew into the middle of a forest, which is where Dawn met Pikachu and tried to catch him. Ash was determined to find Pikachu , and he found a Starly and caught it so it could search from the sky. So practically, Starly was his first in Sinnoh region.

Does misty rejoin ash in the Sinnoh region?

She hasn't returned yet. I hope she does!

Where will Ash go after Sinnoh gym battle?

The new region probably is called isshu.

What is the last episode of Pokemon?

I think its when ash is don at the Sinnoh region and goes back to pallet

Where is ash's gliscor?

Ash's Gliscor was left at Professor Oak's Labortory withn all of Ash's Sinnoh Pokemon after his battle with Paul.He left it there when he left for the Unova region.

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