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I think its when ash is don at the Sinnoh region and goes back to pallet

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Q: What is the last episode of Pokemon?
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In Pokemon advance what is the last episode called?

Home is Where the Start Is (Episode 468)

In what episode of Pokemon XY do Ash and Serena kiss?

I think it's the last episode

What Pokemon episode does may and max leave?

The last episode of the season, Pokemon Battle Frontier. Its titled "Home is Where the Start is!"

What will happen in the last episode of pokemon?

Nobody knows because pokemon didnt end but is it does probably ash becomes a master in pokemon

Can you make ash and iris kiss in the last Pokemon rival destinies episode?


Did Pokemon Diamond and Pearl last episode air?

Pokemon diamond and pearl chocha culo teta bicho

What is the names of the last two Pokemon episode in pokeon advanced battle?

its the end of the fray

What is the last special episode in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon sky?

It is called "In the Future of Darkness."

Why isn't Brock in season 14 of Pokemon?

on the last episode of season 13 they separated:(

What episode of Pokemon does garry fights with Giovanni?

Umm let me think.. i think was the last episode in the first season and lost to him because Goivanni used Mewtwo.

What episode in Pokemon has Mewtwo?

it is not in an episode it is in Pokemon the movie mewtwo strikes back

What is the latest Pokemon episode?

There will never be unless Pokemon games stop.