What ep in Pokemon may meets ash in Sinnoh?

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Ash and May are characters in the Pokémon anime series. Ash meets May in the Sinnoh region in the 541st episode.

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Q: What ep in Pokemon may meets ash in Sinnoh?
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Do may and ash meet again after the battle frontier season?

Yes, May returns during the Sinnoh season for the Wallace Cup competition where she meets up with Ash and Brock again.

What episode in Pokemon is when Ash meets May?

season 6 episode 12 i beleive

Does ash may ever met again after the dp Sinnoh leagu?

Yes. In Pokemon black and white season 2.

What season does Ash meet May?

May first appears in Pokemon Advanced Generation. She meets Ash through the course of this series and serves as his traveling companion.

What episode meet ash may in Sinnoh?


When does may return to visit ash in Sinnoh?


When does may leave ash?

Ash leaves May on the last Hoenn tv episode where Ash heads off to Sinnoh with Pikachu and Aipom

Does MayMistyandDawn loves Ash in Pokemon?

No you suck they do but ash only loves may may doesn`t now neither ash I almost forgot that no one knows But in misty meets her match she chose ash over Rudy(he cuter than ash)

Did Ash miss May in Galitic Battle or and Sinnoh league Victors?

she missed may

What episode does ash meets may?

The first one

Does May kiss Ash in Pokemon?

No, May never kisses Ash in Pokémon.

In which Pokemon episode does Ash meet may again?

Ash meets May in the episodes that take place in the Sinnoh season during the dubbed season of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension. The episode in which Ash and May reunite is the episode that is titled "A Full Course Tag Battle" however she first appears near the end of the episode that is titled "Our Cup Runneth Over." May returns in order to participate in the Wallace Cup which takes place in the episodes that are titled "Staging a Heroes' Welcome" and "Pruning a Passel of Pals."

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