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You will find the boss after you see the all the galactic people in the heardqarters the boss will be talking. after that follow you guy up and there is the boss! gl

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Q: After beating Team galactic's headquarters where do you find the boss?
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How do you defeat team galactics boss?

Just go to their Warehouse in Velistone city, and search for their boss (Its somewhere IN the base of the warehouse..) and Defaeat them, and they are off to Mt. Cornet.

Can you get a master ball in platinum?

Yes there is one Master Ball. You can find it after you beat team galactics boss and he gives it to you. Hope I helped you out!

After you beat the team galactic boss in the headquarters where does he go?

After you beat Team Galactic's Boss in their Veilstone City Headquarters building, he'll go to Mt. Coronet's Spear Pillar in Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Pearl and Pokémon Platinum so that is where you'll have to go after beating him in his Veilstone Headquarters as well as after freeing Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf from their trap containers that they're in.

Who is cryus on Pokemon?

He is the team galactics boss who thinks he can create his own world with mespirt, azelf, and uxie but gets sucked into the distortion world with giratina=)

What do you do after beating the team rocket boss in gold?

you go to the next region

Which door does the storage key open in team galactics warehouse in Pokemon diamond?

It opens the door to Cyrus the main boss of team galactic. Be prepared because after him you must defeat either Mars or Jupiter, they are very strong at that stage.

What Pikmin is the best for beating the bosses including the Burrowing Snagret and the final boss in Pikmin 2?

The best Pikmin for beating bosses including the Burrowing Snargret and the final boss is a team of 100 Rock Pikmin.

Where do you get a master ball in Pokemon Pearl?

beat Cyrus team galactics boss and he gives you the master ball

Is it possible to buy a master ball in Pokemon pearl?

no but you do get them from beating the team rockets boss or who ever are the badguys hope it helps

Where are the boss audio headquarters?

"Boss audio headquarters corporate headquarters are located in Oxnard, California. Boss Audio also has factories in California, Taiwan, and Seoul, Korea, along with their Boss LA division that services Southern and Central American countries."

How do you get a master ball in Pokemon fire red?

you get a master ball after beating the team rocket boss for the 1st time he'll give it to you

When can you get Dialga in diamond?

You can get your Dialga by first beating the Pokemon League. Then, you go to Mount Coronet and there's like some kind of puzzle there, and you have to solve it. But you have to battle Commander Jupiter and Commander Mars, but your friend is there to help you. Then, you HAVE to beat the boss of Team Galactic, Cyrus! After you do, you battle Dialga, but just catch it with a Master Ball that Cyrus gave you in the Team Galactic Headquarters.