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by beating the last boss

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Q: How do you get the blue mushroom on new supermario bros ds?
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How do you get passed the monster on New SuperMario Bros world 2?

you kill it

Is there a mega mushroom in new Super Mario Bros wii?

No, but the Mega Mushroom does appear in New Super Mario Bros.

What is the blue mushroom that appears on level 1 on super Mario DS?

Blue mushrooms in New Super Mario Bros. make you small.

How do you get a giant mushroom in new Mario bros Wii?

There is no giant mushroom on the Super Mario Bros. on the Wii. Just the DS

How do you become luigi in new supermario bros ds?

When selecting your saved game with A, hold L and R buttons. You will play as Luigi.

How do you get the last wallpaper on new super Mario bros in the blue mushroom?

You have to have purchased all of the other wallpapers that are available.

What is a difference between new super Mario bros and new super Mario bros wii?

it's for the wii and it has different levels and has no mega mushroom

What is the easiest way to obtain a Blue Turtle Shell in Super Mario Bros DS?

Blue shell solve my riddles and you will get the blue shell in new super Mario bros Ds. so pay attention. Riddle 1: It took so long for me to look for the blue shell. so i went to a shop with a mushroom coloured red......i have got the blue shell from the shop......What a discovery!!! as i ran with the blue shell wearing it helps me ram into goombas and koopas!! Riddle 2: As i started on a level i saw a Flying red block as i bumped on it it popped out a mushroom,fire flower, tiny blue mushroom, and a blue shell. Now take a note for what i just said!

What power ups does Mario have in New Super Mario Bros Wii?

Super Mushroom Fire Flower Propeller Mushroom Ice Flower Penguin Suit Mini Mushroom Invincibility Star

In new super Mario bros is star more powerful or mega mushroom?

The Star:) mega mushroom is really only good to run over people with.

How do get to world 7 on new Mario bros?

On world 5 you have to finish the castle at the end on tiny mario... You know the one you get with the tiny blue mushroom? It's the same to get world 4 but you have to do it from world 2...

How do you make Mario and luigi small on Nintendo 3ds super Mario bros new?

You need to find a small blue mushroom, these shrink you so you can access secret areas via small pipes.