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sorry mate there isn't one dude im awefully sorry

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Q: Action replay code to warp to elite four?
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Is there an action replay code to beat the elite four in Pokemon pearl?

yes there is it is...... 5ty57djsl

How do you skip the elite four on soul silver?

There is no possible way to skip the Elite Four unless you have the walk through walls code on your action replay or Dstt

How do you beat the elite four without actually beating them?

get a action replay then put in the code that go through everything

What is the easiest way to get round the elite four in Pokemon pearl?

use a action replay code run any where

Is there an action replay code to win against the elite four?

no there is no cheat for winning against the elite four i looked around the internet and there isnti don,t to do test now

Can you steal a Pokemon in the elite four?

No unless you have an action replay!!!!!

What is the action replay code to get spritomb in Pokemon dimond?

im pretty sure that there is no cheat for that but try looking on the action replay code icon on your screen in the Europe can go to the elite four and steal one from Cynthia.that's what i did.LOL.

Is there an Action replay code for darkria.?

I think there is a glitch by "surfing" through the walls of the Elite Four. For more info, go to Youtube.

How do you beat the elite four by cheating on dp?

you buy an action replay

What is the code for all three starters on Pokemon Emerald with an Action Replay?

beat the elite four get a gameshark and the code is:qw7av78cvbfhg4.=5544577 788955258858 4785dfvhrbdnqaz7 47852145ssdczskl;

How do you get a gulpin Pokemon SoulSilver?

You have to get an action replay and battle one of the elite four

How do you beat the elite four on Pokemon white?

do your greatest and if you keep on losing then get an action replay