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You have to get an action replay and battle one of the elite four

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Q: How do you get a gulpin Pokemon SoulSilver?
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How do you catch gulpin in Pokemon SoulSilver?

With a regular, old-fashioned poke ball.

How do you get gulpin in Pokemon SoulSilver?

in the poke walker path noisy forest its the second one i think that one u get first with refreshing feild.

Where do you get gulpin in soulsilver?

From bulbapedia:HeartGoldSoulSilverSwarmRoute 3-Mudkipie

What type of Pokemon is gulpin?

Gulpin is a Poison type pokemon.

How do you get gulpin in Pokemon platinum?

It is possible to get the Pokemon Gulpin in Pokemon Platinum version by going to the Great Marsh. Gulpin is a poison type of Pokemon.

Is gulpin real from Pokemon?

yes gulpin is real

What does gulpin evolve into in Pokemon emerald?

Gulpin evolves into Swaloti at level 26 in Pokemon emerald

Where do you get gulpin in Pokemon Ranger?

i don't think gulpin IS in Pokemon ranger 1 0r 2. sorry!

What goo Pokemon is there in Pokemon Platinum?


Where is the gulpin link shop on Pokemon Blue rescue team?

The gulpin link shop is at the southeast of Pokemon square.

What Pokemon can you catch on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Groudon Gulpin Vulpix Raquaza Bidoof Starly Magikarp Gyraddos Lugia Ho-Oh Latios Pikachu Charmander Sqirtle Bulbasaur Pidgey HEY NEW PERSON!! You can caych way more! Head over to a SoulSilver pokedex.

On what level does Gulpin evolve on Pokemon Sapphire?

Gulpin evolves into Swalot at LV.26