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you buy an action replay

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Q: How do you beat the elite four by cheating on dp?
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What can you do in the distortion world after you beat the elite four?

If it's DP you can never go there.

On Pokemon dp how do you get in showpoint temple?

first you have to beat the elite four, then trade the three regis onto your game, then go in

Is this a good party for Pokemon dp?

My party for Pokemon dp was easy. Here it is when I beat the elite four. Torterra Lv.52 Staraptor Lv. 50 Luxray Lv. 49 Gyrados Lv. 51 Rapidash Lv. 50 Alakazam Lv. 51

What do you do after beating the Elite Four in Pokemon platinum since it has new changes from DP?

You probably go to and snow point city and ride the boat and go to the fight area or something. =]

What mountain is the garitina you got to catch to get to sunny shore city?

In DP, it would be the Turnback Cave in the Spring Path after you beat the elite 4. In Platinum, it would be in the Distortion World (It like a giant puzzle).

Does your FireRed game have to have a file on it so you can find FireRed Pokemon in DP?

Yes and it needs to be finished as in it needs to have beaten the elite four and has the national dex and has delivered the ruby and sapphire to celio.

How do you get the national poke'dex?

You have to beat the elite four and N and GhetsisNormally, the oldest games such as the second, and third Generation Pokemon games, (The first Generation games did not have a National Dex) you would need to complete the Regional Pokedex. This Pokedex is given to you at the start of the game and can be completed by at least seeing every Pokemon. If you are playing Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, White 2, X, Y, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire, a National Dex can be rewarded post-end without even seeing every Pokemon.

Does Cyrus get killed by Palkia?

no. in DP he disbands team galactic when you beat him. in platinum he disappears after you beat him in the distortion world.

How do you trade to black from diamond?

go upstairs to any Pokemon center get a friend who has any game listed above, go to the middle door, and you will find your friend there

What AR cheat makes your Pokemon shiny in Pokemon DP?

Stop cheating! Use your brain to win! That's why we have one to complete challenging things!

Twenty-four centimeters equals how many inches?

9.44881889 or 9.45 to 2 dp.

What is the best team to use to beat the elite 4 in Pokemon heart gold?

There are literally billions of good combos, but I don't think you are wanting to take this to IVs, DVs and EVs, so I will just give you a list of the best overall Pokemon and tell you to get some, ok?