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yes there is it is...... 5ty57djsl

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Q: Is there an action replay code to beat the elite four in Pokemon pearl?
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How do you get Dialga after you beat elite 4 and champion on Pokemon pearl?

u cant without an action replay

What is the code for the Pokemon modifier for Pokemon Pearl for an action replay?

ANSWER:www.supercheats.comsearch for Pokemon Pearl for the Action Replay and you'll eventually find it.

What is the easiest way to get round the elite four in Pokemon pearl?

use a action replay code run any where

Is an ds action replay smaller then an Pokemon Pearl ds?

Pokemon pearl ds card is smaller then a action replay

How do you get to shamen in Pokemon Pearl in Pokemon Pearl?

action replay or event

Action replay codes 4 Pokemon Pearl?

go to .com and search Pokemon pearl action replay codes

How do you get action replay on Pokemon Pearl ds?

First you buy the Action Replay at stores such as BestBuy,WalMart, hopefully your local GameStop. The Action Replay is not programed in Pokemon Pearl you have to buy it.

How do you get awosame Pokemon on peril?

(if you mean pearl) using action replay (if you mean pearl) using action replay

Where is an action replay in Pokemon pearl?

Yes there is

How do you get a cressilia in Pokemon pearl?

get an action replay.

How is the superrod on Pokemon Pearl?

Action Replay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get a magmar in Pokemon pearl?

action replay