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yes but i have no clue how.

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Q: Pokemon pearl action replay codes for shiny Pokemon?
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Action replay codes 4 Pokemon Pearl?

go to .com and search Pokemon pearl action replay codes

Is there action replay codes for creating your own Pokemon on Pokemon pearl?


Pokemon Pearl GameShark codes exist?

There isn't a gameshark for Pokemon pearl but you can get an action replay to put codes on.

What is an action replay code to get celebi in Pokemon Pearl?

to get the code go to or go to Google and type Pokemon pearl action replay codes..

What are all of the action replay codes for Pokemon pearl?

Action replay cheat codes for Pokemon pearl on shiny Pokemon?

Should Be On Because i have it when i bought the action replay

What is the action replay code for have all Pokemon in Sinnoh for Pokemon pearl?

Go to www.code for action replay codes.

How do you get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

By luck or by action replay codes.

What is the action replay codes to catch any Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?


What sites have action replay codes for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

easy just go to Google then type in Pokemon pearl or diamond action replay codes then click on the 1st website . Or

What is the code to get shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl using Action Replay?

check on youtube for this. they always have tons of action replay codes

Action replay codes please Pokemon pearl?