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There are many codes online that you can access only with the drive included with action replay. there are many shiny codes but most are junk.

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Q: What is the Action Replay Dsi Shiny Code for Pokemon Pearl?
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What is the shiny Pokemon action replay code for Pokemon pearl?

there is not one

How do you get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

By luck or by action replay codes.

Shiny Pokemon code for action replay Pokemon pearl?


Pokemon pearl action replay codes for shiny Pokemon?

yes but i have no clue how.

Action replay cheat codes for Pokemon pearl on shiny Pokemon?

Should Be On Because i have it when i bought the action replay

What is the code to get shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl using Action Replay?

check on youtube for this. they always have tons of action replay codes

What is the action replay code for shiny Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

i dont no but u need action replay 4 it 2 work

Is there Action replay code fly to anywhere on Pokemon pearl?

the code for shiny Pokemon

What is the action replay code to make all of your Pokemon shiny?

The action replay code for making all of your Pokemon shiny is 12068ac6 000046c0 I tried it and it works perfectly. that is only for Pokemon pearl!!!!

What are action replay codes to get shiny Pokemon on pearl version?

12068ac6 000046c0

How do you get shiny Pokemon on Pokemon pearl with action replay?

There is a code for Action Replay for shiny Pokemon with pokeradar. 1205E472 00002001 1st Find a patch of grass,use pokeradar,battle a Pokemon, then go to a shiny moving patch of grass.

What is the action replay code all shiny Pokemon for Pokemon pearl?

12068ac6 000046co have fun!!!!