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In chapter 51 almost in the end

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Q: Witch chapter does sonic gives a rose to Amy?
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Witch chapter does sonic gives a rose to Amy rose?

Sonic gives Amy a rose on episode 52 It's a really cute episode.

What episode of what does sonic kiss Amy?

sonic has never kissed Amy in his life. but, there are plenty of episodes in witch sonic and sally kiss. sonic really loved sally, but apparently, he is still trying to make up his mind about Amy. oh, and in one sonic x episode, he did give Amy a rose. ( a pink rose !) and to me, that stands for something.

Is Amy rose in sonic x?

Amy Rose is in Sonic X.

Does amy rose love sonic?

She loves sonic

Does sonic loves Amy rose?

Sonic loves her

When did Amy Rose debut?

The Sonic character Amy Rose debuted in 1993 from Sonic CD

Who is in love with sonic?

Amy Rose. She is a pink hedgehog madly in love with Sonic. amy rose and sally aicorn likes sonic.

Is Akiza the 'Black Rose Witch'?

Yes, Akiza is also known as the "Black Rose Witch".

Why does Amy Rose like Sonic the Hedgehog?

Sonic saved her from metal Sonic in Sonic CD.

What movie and television projects has Jennifer Douillard been in?

Jennifer Douillard has: Played Amy Rose in "Sonic Adventure" in 1998. Played Amy Rose in "Sonic Shuffle" in 2000. Played Amy Rose in "Sonic Adventure 2" in 2001. Played Amy Rose in "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle" in 2001. Played Amy Rose in "Sonic Battle" in 2003. Played Amy Rose in "Sonikku adobencha DX" in 2003. Played Amy Rose in "Sonic Advance 3" in 2004.

Who is Sonic's lover?

Amy Rose is Sonic's Lover, but in Sonic the Hedgehog, it is Sally Acorn

Why is Amy Rose in Sonic so spoilt?

because she's in sonic.

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