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No, they didn't.

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Q: Did Sonic and Amy Rose ever kiss in Sonic X?
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Did Sonic and Amy Rose ever kiss?


Did sonic ever kiss anyone?

Amy Rose his girlfriend

Does sonic and Amy ever kiss?


Will sonic ever kiss Amy?

Sonic says no.

Did Amy ever kiss sonic?

No she didn't.

Will sonic and Amy ever kiss?

Yup they kiss because is amy’s day dreaming they kiss in sunset but amy kiss sonic on the cheek

Who does Amy rose kiss in Sonic the Hedgehog comics?

Nobody but i wish sonic kiss Amy and not sally sally is a old charter from a long time ago so i think that sonic and amy are a great couple

Has sonic ever took Amy rose on a date?

Yes Sonic takes Amy Rose on a date. A Sonic comic named Valentine's Fray (look it up on is where Sonic takes Amy on a date.

Does Amy ever kiss Sonic?

Amy might get a game of her own, where she has to rescue Sonic from Eggman & Metal Sonic, in the end she will chase him into the sunset, but this time she will actualy CATCH him. Then she will kiss him.

Will sonic ever get together with Amy rose at all?


What part of Sonic x do Sonic and Amy kiss?

I never played sonic x but you can tell that sonic does NOT like Amy so its kind of impossible that they do kiss

What episode of what does sonic kiss Amy?

sonic has never kissed Amy in his life. but, there are plenty of episodes in witch sonic and sally kiss. sonic really loved sally, but apparently, he is still trying to make up his mind about Amy. oh, and in one sonic x episode, he did give Amy a rose. ( a pink rose !) and to me, that stands for something.