Who loves Sonic?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Amy Rose loves Sonic, but nobody knows what Sonic thinks about Amy.

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Q: Who loves Sonic?
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Does sonic loves Amy rose?

She loves sonic

Does Sonic the Hedgehog love Amy Rose or Sally?

Amy loves sonic,sonic does love her back,he just never admits it,but sonic loves sally more

Does sonic love you?

Hell yeah sonic loves u and me!!

Is Amy from Sonic the Hedgehog weird or what?

I agree that she is a freak that chases sonic around. Now people are saying Sonic loves Amy or Shadow loves Amy its dumb. No she is not... she is madly in love with Sonic.

Does tails think sonic loves him?

Yes of cause Sonic loves him he's his adopted brother of cause he does and Tails knows that

Does Amy know sonic loves her?

Sonic doesn't even love Amy.

Who is the music loving hedgehog from Sonic the Hedgehog?

Sonic of course! he loves music!

Is sonic and Amy a good couple?

Amy loves sonic but Sonic hates Amy,so my idea is

Does Amy rose know that sonic loves sally?

i guess yes because in the comic she looked like she new but in sonic x she does not know that sonic loves sally so its kinda a yes and no

Who loves sonic besides you?

my big brother

Does Sonic love someone?

I hope she loves Me

Why does Sonic never get dizzy?

He loves whells!$