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Amy loves sonic,sonic does love her back,he just never admits it,but sonic loves sally more

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sonic likes Amy more bc sally forces sonic to marry her but sally said that if  he doesn't stops loving Amy she's gonna kill her and sonic marry sally bc he loves Amy more but he stills does love Amy and he hates sally
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I don't think that sonic loves sally cuz sometimes sonic says that Amy is enoying but the real answer is that sonic loves Amy but he doesn't show her cuz he's nervous that's the real answer

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Q: Does Sonic the Hedgehog love Amy Rose or Sally?
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Does sonic th hedgehog love sally acorn than Amy rose?

Yes, but Sonic is kind of shy and embarressed about it

Who is sonic in love with?

Amy Rose. She is a pink hedgehog madly in love with Sonic. amy rose and sally aicorn likes sonic.

Does Sonic the Hedgehog love Sally Acorn?


Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy rose?


How did Amy Rose fall in love with Sonic the Hedgehog?

She fell in love with Sonic The Hedgehog after Sonic saved her for the very first time. (This was back in the Comic Series)

Who does rose love?

Amy Rose officially has unrequited feelings for Sonic the hedgehog.

Are sonic and shadow the hedgehog have a fight to see who gets Amy rose?

No way! That would be pointless, because Sonic and Shadow dont even love Amy. And anyway Shadow does not love anyone and does not want to, and Sonic he loves Sally Acorn.

Does Sonic the Hedgehog like Sally?

Yes Sonic The Hedgehog is in love with Sally Acorn. They will get married in the future and have twins one blue hedgehog called manik and a squril called sonia. they were named after sonic bro and sis but they're dead. they both have sonic's power of fastness

Who Is Amy Rose In Love With?

She is in love with Sonic the hedgehog. You can easily tell in the games.

Why doesn't Sonic the Hedgehog love Amy Rose?

Amy is just a fangirl and a little bit of a friend of Sonics. And Sonic loves Sally Acorn.

Who falls in love with sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog satam?

well the only love relationship that I know of in that series would be princess Sally Acorn

Who does sonic love more Amy rose or sally te acorn?

Of course sally and they have first love in each other