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Q: What animal is Amy rose in sonic?
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What animal is Amy Rose?

* Amy Rose is a Pink Female Hedgehog who is in love with sonic.

When did Amy Rose debut?

The Sonic character Amy Rose debuted in 1993 from Sonic CD

Who loves Sonic?

Amy Rose loves Sonic, but nobody knows what Sonic thinks about Amy.

Is Amy rose (sonic boom ) a hedgehog or an echidna?

amy rose is an echidna.

How old is Amy rose on sonic x?

Amy Rose is thought to be about 12-years-old in the Sonic X series.

Who likes sonic?

everyone likes sonic but mostly amy rose and sonic likes amy aswell

Why did Sonic give Amy the rose in Sonic X?

It's believed in that series that Sonic and Amy are a couple. Amy's last name is Rose, which is why Sonic gave her the flower. However, in other series, Sonic and Sally are indeed a couple.

Has sonic ever took Amy rose on a date?

Yes Sonic takes Amy Rose on a date. A Sonic comic named Valentine's Fray (look it up on is where Sonic takes Amy on a date.

Does sonic loves Amy rose?

She loves sonic

How old is sonic and Amy rose?

Sonic is 15 and Amy is 12. I used the Sonic Heroes manual as a reference.

Why sonic Hates Amy rose?

Sonic does not LIKE Amy kissing so he runs away so Amy does not be kissed by Amy

Are Amy Rose and Sonic the hedgehog brother and sister?

No, don't you know that Amy is inlove with sonic?