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Itachi wants to capture Naruto because Itachi is from the Akatski, an evil organization of rogue ninja that want to catch all the people that have tailed beasts in them so they can extract the demons and put them together to form the ultimate ten tailed beast.

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Q: Why itachi want catch to naruto?
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Who made Sasuke kill itachi?

naruto want to kill him

Did itachi Uchiha get Naruto in the shows?

no itachi never caught naruto

Who is stronger sage Naruto or itachi?

itachi is better than naruto without sage mode but with sage mode naruto is stronger and faster

What is Atori's last name from Naruto?

no it is not it came from itachi but people say it came from naruto but is really came from itachi. (:

What does itachi give Naruto?

Itachi gives Naruto some of his power, though it is yet unknown what exactly the 'power' was.

Naruto path of the ninja witch lake is itachi?

itachi is in the lake where kakashi beated naruto in the first place

Does Sasuke become friends with Naruto after they kill itachi?

There is no "they"...only Sasuke kills Itachi. And, no, Sasuke is not friends with Naruto.

Does naruto know that itachi gave him some of his powers?

Yes, Naruto eventually finds out when Itachi is resurrected after Sasuke kills him. Itachi is resurected by Kabuto's edo-tensei.

Naruto kill itachi Uchiha?

naruto doesnt kill itachi, sasuke does. Nor does Sasuke. Itachi was already dying until the battle with Sasuke. I think he had TBC.

Does Naruto and Kakashi kill itachi?

No, they did not. Itachi died fighting Sasuke. Naruto and Kakashi were trying to find Sasuke at the time.

Who is stronger Naruto or Itachi?

At first Itachi was stronger but Naruto learned more techniques so he is now more powerful.

Who would win in a fight itachi or naruto?

Naruto ado