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wft? Naruto didn't kill itachi's parents. itachi killed the clan. u dodo brain. look it up

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Q: Naruto is dead right well wrong he is alive and you know he killed itachi parents?
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Was Sasuke still alive after his fight with itachi?

yes he was alive but you know i hate this i wish itachi told sasuke to come back to konoha cause after that he killed itachi he hated konoha and his planning to destroy the leaf village Curse you sasuke!

Are there more members in the Akatsuki?

Pein-killed by naruto using rasengan Deidara- blew himself up Kisame-killed by guy-sensei Itachi-killed by sasuke(intentionally) Hidan-killed by shikamaru kakuza-techniqually killed by naruto sasori-killed by chiyo-basama and sakura Orochimaru-killed by Sasuke Konan-killed by Tobi Nagato-suicided for naruto's cause Tobi-Alive Zetsu-Alive These are all the akatsuki members, Dead or alive or abandoned Akatsuki. This does not include the other 6 Pains

Who all dies on Shippuden?

alot of people die if you just started watching you'll be upset if you read this spolier Obito killed by: Land slide Rin killed by: ??? Deidara killed by: Sasuke/Him self Orochimaru killed by: Sasuke Itachi killed by: Saskuke Sasori killed by: Sakura and Granny Chiyo Gaara killed by: Deidara Granny Chiro killed by: Sacerficed her self to revive Gaara (Gaara alive now) Nagato killed by: Sacerficed him self to revive all he killed in konoha/Naruto Asuma killed by: Kakuzu Kakuzu killed by:Shikamaru Hidan killed by: Naruto Tsunade in a coma Jiraiya killed by: All 6 pein [[How many people die in naruto And Naruto shippuden#ixzz16VQ4UQOY| ]]

Why did itachi beat sasuke to pulp at a hotel?

he went back to the leaf village to remind the elder he was still alive not to capture naruto

Is Naruto dad alive?

No, the Yondaime was Naruto's dad and he is dead

In naruto chapter 466 did Sasuke get killed by the tsuchikage or is he still alive?

He's alive. Madara saved him.

Are narutos parents dead?

Well yes and no. In the normal series they are alive as a matter of a fact her mom is a member of the Allied Forces and her dad is just a genin. In the 6th movie her mom and dad fought the Nine Tails and were killed in the battle. Before the battle with the Kyuubi her dad is named the 4th Hokage and Naruto's parents are alive and are just Jonin.

In Naruto is Rin still alive?

No, Rin was killed before the series started.

Did sasuke get killed in naruto Shippuden the movie?

No, he's alive right now.

Will itachi die?

He is dead already. Killed by Sasuke. ^^ not true. Sasuke didn't kill Itachi. Itachi had an illness and was also using the sharigaun <-- (or whatever you spell it) too much. And was taking drugs so he could continue being alive

On naruto shippuden is sasuke killed by sakura?

No, both are alive (and married) in the last chapter.

Does Gaara dies?

No. Naruto Uzumaki does not die, otherwise the show would not be called "Naruto". The series would end right away if he did; and he comes back to life in the 4th movie (sorry to spoil it). But no. No dying for Naruto (SADLY).