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naruto shippuden epidode 113

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Q: What naruto episode did itachi fight orochimaru?
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Why did Sasuke leav after the fight with Naruto?


Which episode of Naruto does Itachi fight guy?

Itachi did not fight with Guy instead he fought Kakashi somewhere in 80+.

What episode did Naruto get in a fight with the orochemaro?

I believe it was from episodes 40-43 of Naruto Shippuden when Naruto fought OROCHIMARU*

What episode does tsunade jiraiya and orochimaru fight?

lol the question says what episode does jiraiya and tsunade fight orochimaru, and its 52 not 133, 133 when naruto and sasuke fought

Does Orochimaru die?

No, Sasuke absorbed Orochimaru for a while, then during his fight against Itachi Orochimaru broke free and was sealed by Itachi's Totsuka sword. Later Sasuke brought Orochimaru back.

What naruto episode did orochimaru fight the third Hokage?

Orochimaru fought the Third Hokage during episodes 68-80 of Naruto part 1

Is pein stronger than orochimaru?

Well Pein is stronger than orochimaru i know this because well they never had a fight but Pein is stronger because Itachi can kill Orochimaru(Orochimaru admitted he was weaker than Itachi in the normal naruto) and Pein is alot stronger than itachi that why

In which episode did Sasuke kill orochimaru?

In episode 114 of Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke seals Orochimaru in himself by backfiring Orochimaru's own technique to switch bodies. Sadly, Orochimaru is still alive in side Sasuke. In a future episode where Sasuke and Itatchi fight, Orochimaru takes control of Sasukes body for a little while before Itachi kills him for good.

When did Sasuke lose his curse mark in Naruto?

Sasuke loses it in his fight with Itachi when they are fighting and orochimaru emerges from Sasuke in the form of a 8 headed snake and itachi uses the sword of totsuka to seal orochimaru for all eternity along with the curse mark.

What episode of naruto shippuden does susake fight itchi?

episode 134-138 is the final battle between sasuke and itachi

What episode does kabuto fight Naruto?

well i think its "The Tenchi Bridge". when its Yamato, Sai, Sakura, and naruto. up against Kabuto and Orochimaru. i know He fights him a little then Naruto fight Orochimaru. And the Other episode would have 2 be two episodes after "bonds". that's when everyone is just fighting Kabuto.

On which episodes of Naruto Shippuden does the Linkin Park fight take place between Naruto and Orochimaru?

Don't know about linking park fight but fight takes place at around Naruto Shippudden episode 40