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Itachi did not fight with Guy instead he fought Kakashi somewhere in 80+.

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Their fight lasts from shippuden #134-138. They also clash earlier, but I assume you mean their final battle.

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You cant cause he doesnt cause (SPOILER) Sasuke kills itachi and orochimaru.

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Q: Which episode of Naruto does Itachi fight guy?
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What Episode Is it When Might Guy Fight Kisame?

The first time Might Guy fights Kisame is in Naruto in episode 82 where Might Guy fends of Kisame from his comrades. Kisame and Itachi quickly leave after Guy's appearance. The second time Guy fights Kisame is in Naruto Shippuden in episodes 250 and 251

Is itachi in a naruto movie?

yes he will be appearing in naruto road to ninja spoiler: itachi fights kakashi And guy in the movie its harcore

Does Naruto ever fight Guy?

No, Naruto doesn't ever fight Guy.

What Shippuden episode does sasuke fight Kakashi?

Its in Naruto shippuden episode 13 and 14. Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura and the old lady was fighting Itachi, while Neji, Tenten, Lee and Guy are fighting Kisame! I say this is a 2 in 1 battle!

What episode of naruto does it show Shikamaru as a child?

Naruto episode 64: Zero motivation: The Guy with Cloud Envy!

What episode is it when Naruto gets his 1st kiss?

Episode 2 I believe. Though it's guy on guy.

Who can you unlock on Naruto Ultimate Ninja 1 and name them all?


Who is on Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4?

naruto -1 tailed naruto-sakura-kakashi-might guy-shikamaru-rock lee-neji-tenten-gaara-temari-kankuro-chiyo-kisame-itachi-sasori-deidara

How do you unlock itachi Uchiha in Naruto clash of a ninja revolution?

Itachi cannot be unlocked in Naruto clash of ninja 2 which is only available for gamecube and Itachi can't be unlocked for any gamecube games. I know because i have the game and if you don't believe me search it on any game website (i recommend

What episode did guy use 6th gate on kisame?

14th Episode of Naruto Shippuden.. While Fighting With Kisame...

What is the title of the music playing in naruto shippuden episode 28 when Guy Squad fight their own mirors and Rock Lee suggests that they should do better than themselves to prevail?


What happens to Hinata in Naruto Shippuuden?

She and the rest of Team Kurenai aided Team Kakashi in pursuing Itachi Uchiha. When they encountered Tobi along the way, she used her Byakugan to track his chakra. After the fight she led the teams to the location of Itachi and Sasuke's fight, but it had already ended and they returned to the village. During Pain's attack on Konoha, she intervened in the fight between Naruto and Pain while Naruto was pinned down by Pain's Chakra Disruption Blades. She put up a fight against Pain, removed a few Chakra Disruption Blades, and even confessed her love for Naruto before being stabbed in the chest by Pain. Naruto then lost control of his Nine-Tails power and assaulted Pain fiercely. When their battle had moved away, Team Guy came to save Hinata. In the Shinobi World War, she was assigned to the Allied Shinobi Force's Second Division. She is currently on her way to help Naruto in his fight against Tobi.