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It's in the middle of platform 9 and platform 10. The wizards had to had some way to get from the regular world to the magical train, and there had to be a way that Muggles didn't see it or suspect anything, and it didn't interfere with their stuff.

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Q: Why is platform 9 and 3 quarters called that?
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The train to what fictional place leaves from Platform 9 to 3 quarters?


What time does the last on platform 9 and 3 quarters depart?

11am according to the books.

What train is on platform 9 and 3 quarters?

This was from Harry Potter 1. The trains name was the Hogwarts Express.

What film location was used for platform 9 and 3 quarters in Harry Potter and the philosephere stone?

Kings Cross Station.

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What train would you find on platform 9 and three quarters at Kings Cross?

Hogwarts express

How long is it from platform 9 and three quarters to Hogwarts in Harry Potter?

It is never stated.

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What must Harry do to get on the platform?

To get to platform nine and three quarters where he will board the Hogwarts express students have to walk (or run) through the middle of platforms 9 and 10.

What platform does Harry Potter leave from to go to Hogwarts?

Harry potter leaves from platform 9 and 3/4s. He and his Hogwart's companions get to this by running through a brick wall between platform 9 and 10. In the second book, the Chamber of Secrets, Ron Weasley and Harry run at the wall, only to find that it has been sealed off. Their excuse to the muggle station officer who comes to them looking very worried is ' sorry, couldn't control the trolly.'

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