Why does Naruto like Sakura?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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yes but later no ....the question was why does he and he does like her later..................i think he likes sakura because she trys so hard to prove herself to everyone and mostly sasuke like he does

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ummm...well sakura doesnt like naruto yet but she is starting to have fellings for him.i really hope that they will end up toghter...GO!! NAROSAKU....WOOOOOT!!

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Q: Why does Naruto like Sakura?
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Who does sakura like more?

Sakura from naruto like saskue!!

Who does Naruto like better Sakura or Hinata?


Is Sakura going to like Naruto more than Sasuke?

yes...because sasuke almost kill her and naruto. sakura already have realize naruto, and obviously sakura loves naruto too....and i have a proof: 1st sakura get angry when fuka kiss naruto 2nd sakura get angry when naruto ask hinata to come with him but just to fix something (no meaning). 3rd sai and yamato know that naruto and sakura have feeling for each other. there is an episode yamato said to sakura that sakura was showing her love to naruto by her strenght like healing him and when naruto is hurt sakura get hurt too..

Does lee and Naruto like sakura?

Lee has always loved Sakura same with Naruto. Sakura knows that Lee and Naruto Love her but she just likes them as friends but I think her feelings for naruto are changing.

Will Sakura stop loving Sasuke for Naruto?

NO....mostly not........b'coz sakura likes naruto more like a brother.......

How many ninjas liked Sakura in the episodes of Naruto?

The only people who like Sakura is Naruto and Rock Lee!!

Do Sakura and Naruto ever date?

Naruto and Sakura ate dinner once, but I don't think Sakura officially confirmed it as a 'date.' Other than that, Sakura either refuses or brings someone else along (like Sai) when Naruto asks her out on a date.

What episode in Naruto Shippuden does Sakura tell Naruto that she likes him?

She begins to like Naruto in the first episode of Naruto Shippuden. She then begins to care for Naruto more and more as Naruto Shippuden continues.

Does Naruto like tenten?

no she likes neji

Does Naruto like anyone?

Yes, Naruto loves Sakura Haruno. HINATA AND NARUTO

Who would be better for naruto sakura or Hinata i think it should be sakura i think naruto would get bored with Hinata but Hinata is cool but I like sakura much better?

Sakura all the way. You have a point naruto would get bored with hinata. Hope you like my opinion

Who is Narutos love?

naruto used to like sakura but he likes no has feelings for sasuke but he does not care.hinata likes naruto but he does not know.written by:k.m.b In Naruto Shippuden Naruto likes Sakura, and Sakura is starting to have the same feelings for him too! In one of the Naruto Manga stories Sai tells sakura that Naruto loves her, so Sakura goes to Naruto to tell him that she has feeling for him too, the to proof it to him she goes to try to kill Sasuke, but fails and Sasuke nearly kills her So Kakashi and Naruto has to saves her. Sakura is still Naruto's love, and it doesn't look like that changed.