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Naruto loves Sakura, but Sakura loves Naruto in a sisterly way. So this is only a one sided relationship. In the near future, Naruto starts to like Sakura as a sister so nothing gets too deep. There is an episode where Sakura says she loves Naruto, but she had only said it so he wouldn't chase after Sasuke.

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im not even sure if they met but if they did i think suigetsu will have a small crush on her

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Q: Do sakura and naruto love each other?
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Will naruto ever love Hinata after she told him she loved him?

it really hit him hard... so my opinion, is yes, naruto and hinata will love each other and sasuke and sakura will love each other

Is Sakura going to like Naruto more than Sasuke?

yes...because sasuke almost kill her and naruto. sakura already have realize naruto, and obviously sakura loves naruto too....and i have a proof: 1st sakura get angry when fuka kiss naruto 2nd sakura get angry when naruto ask hinata to come with him but just to fix something (no meaning). 3rd sai and yamato know that naruto and sakura have feeling for each other. there is an episode yamato said to sakura that sakura was showing her love to naruto by her strenght like healing him and when naruto is hurt sakura get hurt too..

How do you find happy tree friends the game at?

naruto love sakura naruto love sakura

Does Naruto love Hinata or does he love Sakura?

He loves Sakura.

Who does Naruto love in Naruto Shippuden?

Naruto's in love with Haruno Sakura.

Which episode of Naruto Shippuden is when Sasuke and Sakura love each other?

None and they probably wont but the series is not over yet.

Who does really sakura love?

Sakura and Naruto are the best couple in Naruto's story.Even Sakura accepts it.

In the Naruto Series Who falls in love?

Naruto >> Sakura Hinate >> Naruto Sakura >> Sasuke That's basically it...

Naruto love who Sakura or Ino or Hinata?


Does naurto love sakura?

Yes, naruto has had a crush on sakura since the beggining. No offense Naruto and Sakura fans but I think Naruto should be with Hinata and Sakura with Sasuke.

Does lee love Naruto?

No, Lee does not love Naruto, He loves Sakura.

Does Gaara love Sakura?

wtf....they barley even spoke to each other o.o!!!!and sakura loves naruto. um O.o is right that's a fangirl thing hiw thinks they would go good together she love saska... i think or naruto i think sakura should go out with naruto or maybe sasuke but sometime i think it should be gaara and sakura i think they will look cute together