Which girls like Naruto?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hinata is the only person who like Naruto. Don't know if Sakura loves him but I know Hinata does.

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alot of girl like naruto
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Naruto only likes sakura but he also considers her as a very good friend.

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Q: Which girls like Naruto?
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How can one meet Naruto girls online?

You can meet Naruto Girls online at tv dot com. In the Naruto section, they have episodes you can watch and Information about the cast and crew. Then they have a Fan Review and a Forum Section where you can meet girls who also like the same thing you do.

Who is the hotter Hinata or Naruto?

Answers may vary depending on person. ya girls like naruto boys hinata

How many girls in the world watch Naruto?

I watch naruto two im a tomboy but who says girls cant watch naruto.......... i dont hear anybody so girls can watch naruto

Why do so many people like to pair sasuke and naruto as a couple?

its a yaoi girls like it.

What do Naruto girls wear?

Clothes like skirt, pants, fishnets...etc

Who does Ino like in naruto?

Ino, as well as many other girls, likes Sasuke.

Do girls watch naruto more than boys?

well actually the girls do watch more naruto then the boys do which is kind of wierd if you think about it but yes the girls watch more naruto than boys

What episode in naruto Shippuden where there was a girls only night out?

Naruto: Shippuden 232

Who hates Naruto?

ino and girls

Does jiraya like anyone?

Yes he likes pretty girls but he don't like any kids except naruto and some other kids

Do yall like girls?

Do I like girls? yeah, I love 'em! In fact I cant get enough of them! ... nah im kidding that makes me sound like a per, but really this question is not what i expected... but yeah, i do have a Girlfriend (1 week going strong!) and I gotta say, shes like the "Hinata" to my "Naruto" (If your a Naruto fan youll understand what that means) so yeah I do like girls, and this one in particular (points to girlfrend) I cant get enough of her, I love her sooouuu much!

Does Naruto like sakure?

Naruto like Sakura? Most definitely so. Even though in most fanfics/fanart naruto is usually paired with Hinata, because Hinata has this major crush on Naruto. However, throughout the first few seasons of Naruto, it is emphasized that Naruto likes Sakura. There was this ep when Naruto wanted to CPR Sakura o.o You get the idea. XD However, Sakura likes Sasuke, like most of the girls, and thinks Naruto is juvenile and irritating. In later chapters though, she has matured more and even helps naruto in his training by giving him soldier pills and such.