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Because they are self-grounding. There is both an anode and an electrode in the barb set, so the charge is attracted to the anode, and doesn't need to be attracted to the ground.

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Q: Why do you get shocked from tasers if youre not grounded?
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Does an electric stove need to be grounded?

yes it does because otherwise you can get shocked.

Why do you get shocked by power lines and birds do not?

because a person is grounded by the piece of equipment he/she is standing on

Do tasers hurt?

The TASER (It actually stands for Thomas Alva Swift Electric Rifle- really) uses a gas cartridge to propel two small metal darts that are connected by wires to the TASER. The darts will stick through clothing, and into a person's skin. Electronic circuits in the TASER take electricity in the batteries, and convert that to a high voltage, low amperage electrical current. The current is an alternating current that has a frequency that causes blockage of nerve messages- in other words, your muscles are no longer under your control, and you fall down. It also causes a GREAT deal of pain in the few seconds that the current is on. There have been reports of deaths associated with the use of a TASER, but they are rather rare.

Can you get shocked from the casing of a piece of equipment if it is properly grounded?

Proper grounding, by definition, will keep you from getting shocked. Equipment is grounded specifically for that purpose. The electricity will always seek the path of least resistance. A proper ground makes sure that path is through the ground.

Where are TASERs used?

Tasers are used in the UK when a suspect is suspected to be armed

Who do tasers hurt?

Tasers cause pain in anyone who is touched with the discharged prongs.

Can felons carry a taser in Iowa?

can felonies carrie tasers in Iowa

Are tasers legal in California?

Tasers are legal to be carried by ciitizens in California, once they pass a felony background.

Where can one purchase tasers?

Tasers are a type of self-defense weapon that deliver a small electric charge. Tasers may be purchased at certain sporting goods stores. Additionally, some tasers may be purchased at the websites called The Fire Store and Protective Technical Pros.

What is good about tasers?

there size

When should tasers be used?

Tasers can be used when a person is a danger to themselves or others. They are an alternative to firearms, when the situation allows for it.

Where can you buy a Taser in Canada?

It is very hard to fined tasers in Canada because tasers are prohibted from entering Canada, howeaver tasers are not ileagal. tasers are "restricted". this means it is illegal to Cary them to a publik gathering and/or a government meeting. Eaven after much reserch i have been unable to fined a legal deeler in Canada.