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ASQUAWCHESTRA. Youre welcome.

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Q: What do you call a band of musical chickens?
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What do you call a group of singers playing instruments?

Id call them a musical group or 'band'.

What do you call a musical group with ten people in it?

A dectet (or a band or an orchestra)

What is ghost mob?

Ghost Mob is a musical band. It is also the name of a clan in the Call of Duty game.

When was The Band Wagon - musical - created?

The Band Wagon - musical - was created in 1931.

What do you call a brood of chickens in afrikaans?

Flock of chickens

When was Strike Up the Band - musical - created?

Strike Up the Band - musical - was created in 1927.

Who is Veronica Sawyer?

A musical band

What is a chickens mating call?

It farts

A homonym for barred musical group?

musical group = band barred = banned

What is a musical quintet?

A Band with five people in it.

Are quails small chickens?

No, quail are also known as "Bobwhites" because of their call. Chickens do not make this call. Chickens are a cross between 4 different Asian birds. Quail are related to pheasant.

What do you call musical introduction to a musical play?

The overture