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you go on your stamp album

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Q: How do you get on youre stamp album on marapets?
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What is an album for a stamp collection?

It is typically referred to as a stamp album.

What is something that is full of used stamps?

A "stamp album" or "stamp collection album" typically contains used stamps, sometimes those with special watermarks or cancellations.

What is the collective noun for stamps?

Collective nouns for stamps are:a roll of stampsa sheet of stampsa book of stampsan album of stampsa collection of stamps.Stamp collecting is called philately.

What do you call a book in which something is collected?

An album, e.g. Stamp Album, Photo Album etc.

What is a philatelist's book called?

Stamp Album

What is a book for collecting postage stamps?

stamp album

Who is album should Terrell stamp get?


How do you get to MArapets?

You go to the the marapets website. It's a fun virtual pet world. Its a free sign up, to get there go to the marapets website.

Where can you find Marapets passwords?

Marapets has no passwords required, unlike Neopets.

What is a collection of postage stamps?

It is usually known as a stamp album.

Is 50cent on stardoll?

yes youre allowed to dress him up and save him to your personal album

What is a book called that has a collection of postage stamps called?

A stamp album.