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Because youre stupid

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Q: Why don't you need to stain elodea to see it?
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Why do you need to stain the elodea cell?

to see the nucleus and watch the chloroplasts move to the center

Why don't you have to stain the elodea leaf cell?

The reason for this is that many cells have organelles that are very hard to see under a microscope, staining these cells allows you to more easily see these organelles. In the case of an Elodea, the invisble organelles is the central vacuole.

Can see the plasmodesmata in the persimmon but not in the Elodea?


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Do elodea cells contain nucei?

Yes, an elodea cell does have a nucleus. I just did an experiment in Biology and the nucleus is just hard to see unless you are using a stain, like iodine or methylene blue. The nucleus is hard to see because it is small and the large vacuole may obstruct your view of it. All eukaryotic cells have a nucleus, and all prokaryotic ells have a nucleoid region.

Are there organelles in elodea?

Yes the organelles float inside the Cytoplasm inside the Elodea cells.

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What is the microscopic structures make up organisms such as Elodea?

The 3 characteristics can be seen in elodea microscopically are cell wall, large central vacuole and chloroplasts. When looking under a microscope at elodea you can see the basic structure of plant cells.

Why can't you see this structure in elodea?

Because your eyes suck go to an optomitrist

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Why do you see chloroplasts in the Elodea cell but not the onion cell?

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