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um i dont think so but u could see the ground in a building

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Q: Can the byakugan see underground
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Can the mangekyou sharingan see chakra points?

No only the Byakugan

Is Sharingan Better then Byakugan?

well....slightly. the byakugan can see tekkai-gai tekutsu points on the chakra line. although before the byakugan user can strike, depending on the level of the sharingan user and itself, the sharingan can let you see the upcoming attack, and you can dodge it. so my answer is YES. if you have anymore questions, email me at But the byakugan user can also see moves before they are made and the sharigan user would have to be extremely versed in the use of his/her sharingan to even be able to know what to do with it.

How is byakugan similar to the sharingan?

The Byakugan is much better because the Sharingan was derived from the Byakugan. That means the Sharingan was CREATED from the Byakugan. Just because the Byakugan can see chakra points, and the Sharingan has heightened skills or abilities, the Byakugan is still better, without the Byakugan, there is no Sharingan.

How can you see a chakra?

It might have been possible if sharingan or byakugan are real.But it's the same as impossible

Does Neji achive the perfect byakugan?

As far as we have been told, there are no such thing as a perfect byakugan

Can Neji see through people's underwear with his byakugan?

XD no. he can only see the make up of chakra in someones body... sadly

Can byakugan evolve?

Answer is no

Can Neji use byakugan In Naruto Chronicles 2?

Can neji use byakugan In Naruto Chronicles 2 ?

Is madara Uchiha after a byakugan?


Is the byakugan real?


Is it possible to get byakugan?

I highly doubt you could because no mortals eyes are strong enough to be able to use the byakugan.

What does the Byakugan do?

It allows the user to see almost in 360 degress and over long distances, see through solid objects, see the chakra network and the chakra flow in a person.