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They are hoping that Peeta will lead them to Katniss so they can kill her.

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Q: Why do they accept Peeta when they start hunting as a group?
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Where is district 12 in The Hunger Games?

First of all, you should read the books. But here's the answer: After reaping training starts. Katniss scores 11 out of 12. Peeta scores 8 out of 12. When the games start 13 tributes die at the begging. Then, Katniss is dieing of thirst. She finds water eventually. She finds Peeta with careers. She cuts down a tracker jacker hive Rue pointed out. Some careers quickly run. While others pick up supplies then run. Glimmer and another girl die from stings. Katniss had gotten 3 stings. Peeta tells her Cato's coming, and she runs away. Later, after she passes out, she awakes to find Rue giving her medicine. They create a plan to destroy career's food. After Katniss does that, she goes to where she was suppose to meet Rue. Marvel kills Rue then Katniss kills Marvel. Katniss sings Rue a song. Then, game makers change rules. Katniss finds Peeta. Then she goes to feast. She uses medicine. Peeta collects night lock, poisonous berries, then foxface eats them and dies. Then, Thresh dies from Cato. Peeta and Katniss go to cornucopia. Cato comes running with mutts chasing him. He climbs up cornucopia and puts Peeta in a choke hold. If katniss shoots Cato down Peeta will fall and die with him. Then peeta draws an x in cato's hand and katniss shoots him there, making him realise peeta and fall to his death. Then peeta and katniss win the hunger games.

Why is it important for katniss and Peeta Mellark to be close and make outside friends in the hunger games?

The Hunger Games is a Trilogy so Peeta and Katniss are important because the next two books are based on them and their life. The 3 books are 1. The Hunger Games 2. Mocking Jay 3. Catching Fire

How does Katniss explain the use of berries during the interview in the hunger games?

She says she was madly in love And that's why she pulled out those berries she has to say that so it doesn't start another rebellion Which is what starts the whole katniss and peeta being forced into love

Why did 2NE1 start a group?

they all auditioned for yg entertainment, and they all wanted to become singers.

What is the relationship between Katniss and Gale?

they are best friends, but then they start liking each other after the hunger games. she chooses gale over peeta in catching fire but then in mockingjay gales moves to district 2 and katniss and peeta get married and have kids

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He said that he has a crush on her since the firstday of school when she sang

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