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Bella is confused and realizes that she loves Jacob too. But at the end, she knows her heart belongs with Edward.

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2009-12-26 18:38:38
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Q: Why do Jacob and Bella kiss in Twilight?
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Do Edward Cullen and Jacob Black kiss int The Twilight Saga?

Edward kisses Bella in all the twilight saga. Jacob was so close to kiss Bella in new moon!!!(TEAM JACOB RULES!!!)

Does Bella kiss Jacob after she gets married?

No, but in Eclipse Bella and Jacob kiss.

What is the song in Jacob and Bella kiss in New Moon?

Jacob and Bella don't kiss.

Do Jacob and Bella kiss?

yes, the first time, Jacob kisses Bella and she gets very upset with him because she loves Edward. the second time they kiss, Bella only does or Jacob would have killed himself in the fight with the young vampires. Yeah, i know my twilight trivia..

Where are the most romantic parts in the twilight series and on which pages?

Well, I don't know about the rest but on page 525 in Eclipse, is when Jacob and Bella kiss then Bella realizes that she loves Jacob too ..... Team Jacob 4eva...

Twilight what dose Jacob say to Bella before he tries to kiss her in the kicthen?

he speaks in quillete saying "stay with me forever"

When Bella and Jacob kiss?


When do Bella and Jacob kiss?

In Eclipse

Where did Jacob bit Bella in twilight?

Jacob doesn't bite Bella in twilight as he is a werewolf but did you mean James as he did it in the dancing studio but Jacob doesn't bite Bella but James does! does that help? what the hell Jacob dose not bite Bella James doses

How did you like Bella Swan and Jacob black first kiss?

I love twilight because Jacob black and bella swan have their first kiss was amazing it touch my heart I always Wach it over over over again and I say he is good kisser

Why did Jacob kiss Bella in eclipse?

Jacob kissed Bella because Bella asked him to kiss her because Jacob was trying to kill himself so Bella tried to stop him but he wouldn't and Bella had no choice the only thing that makes him alive is that Jacob kissing Bella.

Does Bella ever kiss Jacob in breaking dawn?

no Bella didn't kiss Jacob in Breaking Dawn coz she marries Edward

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