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No, but in Eclipse Bella and Jacob kiss.

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Q: Does Bella kiss Jacob after she gets married?
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In witch chapter in eclipse does Jacob kiss Bella Does she get mad?

In Chapter 15 Jacob kisses Bella against her will, she gets pissed and punches Jacob managing to break her hand. Charlie finds it funny (-_-). Edward gets pissed and tells Jacob he needs to wait for Bella to tell him (Jacob) to kiss her.

Do Jacob and Bella kiss?

yes, the first time, Jacob kisses Bella and she gets very upset with him because she loves Edward. the second time they kiss, Bella only does or Jacob would have killed himself in the fight with the young vampires. Yeah, i know my twilight trivia..

When Bella and Jacob kiss?


When do Bella and Jacob kiss?

In Eclipse

Does Bella ever kiss Jacob in breaking dawn?

no Bella didn't kiss Jacob in Breaking Dawn coz she marries Edward

What is the eclipse spoiler?

Bella and Edward are getting married Bella and Jacob kiss and kind of sleep together(he slept with her to keep her from freezing) Hope that helped! :)

Does Jacob and Bella kiss in eclipses?

Yes they do before the battle starts. Before that they kiss at La Push but Bella is mad and punches Jacob

Do Jacob and Bella kiss in the movie New moon?

No ,but Jacob kisses Bella in Eclipse and Bella breaks her handIn the movie they were close to kissing but it never happened and yes Jacob does kiss Bella in eclipse and she breaks her hard from trying to punch him. She soon asks him to kiss her in the same book

Who does Jacob kiss in the third movie?


Does Jacob and Bella go out in eclipse?

No but they kiss

Did Bella want to kiss Jacob?


Did Jacob kiss Bella baby?

no but he did imprint her