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Jacob kisses her, and then she tries to break away from his kiss. she tries to punch Jacob in the face to get him off her, but because of Jacob's strong enormity and structure, Bella punches him and ends up breaking a few bones and a knuckle or something like that.

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Q: What does Bella do when Jacob tells her he loves her?
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In which chapter does Jacob say he loves Bella?

Jacob tells Bella he loves her on the last page of chapter 14.

Why is it called Jacobs theme in eclipse?

let me get it straight bella loves jacob and jacob loves bella ok

Is Jacob in love with Bella and renesmee?

Jacob was in love with Bella until Bella got renesmee so Jacob loves renesmee

Why edward thinks Jacob can hurt Bella?

Probably Jacob is a werewolf, but Jacob loves Bella he wouldn't hurt her.

What happens to Jacob and Bella?

By the end of the last book, Breaking Dawn, Jacob and Bella continue to be friends, but Jacob no longer loves Bella.

Why did Jacob want Bella to break up with Edward?

Because Jacob loves Bella that's why

How does Bella feel about Edward after she kisses Jacob?

Bella's feelings for Edward do not change after kissing Jacob, however she does accept that she loves Jacob about though she still loves Edward more.

What did Jacob tell Bella?

in eclipse Jacob told Bella he loves her and then kisses her and she punches him and broke her ahnd

Can you explain the love triangle situation in breaking dawn?

Jacob loves Bella who is married to Edward. Bella also has feelings for Jacob but loves Edward more.

Should edward have been mad at Bella in eclipse?

Not really because Jacob tricked Bella into kissing him. Edward knew that Bella loves Jacob just in a different way to how she loves Edward. :)

How does Jacob feel about Bella?

he loves Bella so much he really likes her

Who loves Renesmee Bella's daughter?

Jacob; he imprinted her and Bella got angry.