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In Breaking Dawn Edward tells Jacob the he can kill him if Bella dies seeing as he doesn't want to live without Bella. At first Jacob agrees however later on, once they believe Bella to be dead, Jacob says he will not kill Edward as he wants him to suffer.

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Q: What was Edward Cullen's shocking offer to Jacob Black?
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Do the Cullens and the werewolves fight in eclipse?

Yes they do... They fight the Cullens (except Edward) and all the Werewolves (except Jacob)

Who told Bella about the Cullens in twilight?

Jacob Black

In twilight does Jacob Black know the cullens secret?


Who is the main character in Breaking Dawn?

Edward,Bella,The rest of the Cullens,Jacob,Renesmee

How does twilight the book begin?

Twilight begins by Bella moving to her Dad's house. Then she meets Jacob Black Then she goes to school and meets Edward and the other Cullens.

What was Edward Cullens dogs name?

he has no dog but he says that Jacob black who is the werewolf is a dog

Does renesmee have family?

she has the cullens, charlie, Bella and edward, and Jacob imprinted on her and has to stay with her all the time

Did Jacob Black kill Edward Cullen in 'Breaking Dawn'?

No, Jacob does not kill Edward.

Which of the Cullens are the most hot?

I dont like any Cullens in the movies but I like Taylor Lautner as in Jacob Black sooooo much better

At the first beach, what did Jacob black tell Bella about the Cullens?

He told her the Quileutte legends which was about the treaty between the vampires (Cullens) and werewolves (Quiluettes).

Did Edward and Jacob meet in Eclipse?

Yes, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black did meet in Eclipse.

Who revealed the truth about edward?

Towards the middle of Twilight, Bella goes to La Push Beach with her friends. There, she meets Jacob and other Indians. After one of Jacob's friends says that the Cullens weren't allowed in La Push, Bella flirted with Jacob to convince him to take a walk on the beach with her. While they were walking, Jacob told Bella old stories of the Cullens, and they turned out to be true.