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Jacob Black calls them bloodsuckers, leeches, parasites, etc. You can take your pick of which one you like best :D lol

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Q: What does Jacob Black call the cullens instead?
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Do Embry Call and Quil Ateara join Jacob Black's pack?

yes they do, but not until the end of breaking dawn.

Who are the members of the La Push pack?

Sam Uley Jacob Black Paul Jared Embry Call Quil Ateara Seth Clearwater Leah Clearwater Brandon Collin

What r the first and the last names of Jacobs werewolf pack?

~ I know Jacob Black Sam Uley Quill Ateara Embry Call but i dont know the last names of Jared or Paul

Who will be in the wolf pack in New Moon?

Vampires: The Cullens: Alice Bella Carlisle Edward Emmett Esme Jasper Renesmee (half-human) Rosalie The Volturi: Alec Aro Caius Chelsea Demetri Felix Jane Marcus Amazons: Kachiri Senna Zafrina Denalis:Eleazer Carmen Irina Kate Tanya Egyptians: Amun Benjamin Kebi Tia Irish: Liam Maggie Siobhan (pronounced shi-VAWN like lawn) Romanians: Stefan Vladimir Nomads: Allistair Charles Charlotte Garrett Makenna Mary Peter Randall Werewolves: Jacob Black Leah Clearwater Seth Clearwater Sam Uley Jared Paul Embry Call Quil Ateara Colin Brady

Who are the main characters in the twilight book?

There are several main characters in the Twilight series, but it mainly focus' on a love triangle between:Isabella Marie Swan (Bella)Edward Anthony Masen CullenJacob BlackOther important characters include:Dr Carlisle CullenMary Alice Brandon Cullen (also known as Alice)Esme Anne Platt Evenson CullenEmmett McCarty CullenJasper Whitlock HaleRosalie Lillian HaleCharlie SwanBilly BlackAlso, Renesmee Carlie Cullen is introduced in the final novel (Breaking Dawn).Note that this question did not ask for a list of ALL characters, just the MAIN characters.

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When explaining the story of the Cullens to Bella what does Jacob call 'humans'?

pale faces

In the twilight series what does Jacob usually call the cullens?

he calls them things like 'leeches' and 'bloodsuckers'

What do the Cullens call Jacob?

Just Jacob, usually. Bella is the only one who calls him Jake. They call his relatives and wolfpack Quileutes or werewolves, but they don't use any slanderous nicknames like the wolves do.

What does Alice call Jacob?

Alice calls Jacob Jacob Black. Every time his full name.

What names does Edward call Jacob?

He calls him Jake like Bella, Dog (because he is a werewolf), Jacob Black and Jacob.

Who is older Embry Call or Jacob Black?

Embry Call because he became a wolf before Jacob Black did and the transformation usually happen when your 16 or 18. That was a really good question!

What animal will Jacob Black turns out to be?

he will become a werewolf. as as they call it in "breakin dawn" a shape shifter

Can Jacob Black call you?

Well he's a fictional character (unfortunatly) so im going say no

What happens to Jacob when Bella becomes a vampire?

When Bella becomes a vampire(my FAVORITE book) in Breaking Dawn Jacob stay around at the Cullens home( odd because he is a warewolf and they are vamps) and he actually IMPRINTS with Bella and Edwards daughter little Renesmee( Renne' / Esme) Carlie( Charlee/ Carlise) and they all stay riends and Edward ACTUALLY call Jacob his brother!

What do you call Edward Cullens hairstyle in twilight?

a bouffant (bu'font)

Name all of Jacob Blacks family members?

Jacob Black's family members include his father, Billy Black, and his sisters Rachel and Rebecca. In addition, he is part of the Quileute tribe and considers other tribe members, such as Sam Uley and the rest of the werewolf pack, as family as well.

Do Embry Call and Quil Ateara join Jacob Black's pack?

yes they do, but not until the end of breaking dawn.