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It means you support Edward Cullen from the Twilight saga instead of Jacob Black.

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Q: What does it mean to be team edward?
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Is Bella for Team Edward or Team Edward?

Bella is for Team Edward.

Is Ariana grande team Edward?

I am team Edward all the way

What does team Edward stand for?

Team Edward stands for a team of all the people that like Edward

Is Demi Lovato Team Edward or Team Jacob?

team edward.

What if you want to be on team Jacob and team edward what team are you on?

i would be on team Jacob cause edward is a bloodsucker OVER A HUNDRED YEARS

How has team Edward and team Jacob affected popular culture?

edward go edward

What is the percentage for team edward to team Jacob?

73% = Team Edward 27% = Team Jacob

Is Selena gomez on team Edward or team Jacob?

Selena Gomez is Team Edward.

Which Twilight team are you on?

Team Edward 4ever, baybee! Real men sparkle!Team Edward Totally!!I'm ALL for Team Jasper!!!!team edward all the way!!!!!!

Why are people on team Edward so mean to Jacob?

the reason is scientifically because they think he is a nerd.

What are some good Team Edward sayings?

Team Edward because Jacob does not sparkle.

What is the thing woth all the 'Team Edward v.s Team Jacob I mean how do you decide?

it is basically like if you like vampires or werewolfs better that is what it is about and how you choose is either you like edward better or Jacob better or like i choose is who is cutrer and well edward is wierd and ugly