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i would be on team Jacob cause edward is a bloodsucker OVER A HUNDRED YEARS

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Well Bella can certainly do better than a dog and Jacob imprinted on Edward and Bella’s child, Renesmee. 
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Team Edward!

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Q: What if you want to be on team Jacob and team edward what team are you on?
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What is the percentage for team edward to team Jacob?

73% = Team Edward 27% = Team Jacob

Should you be team Jacob or team Edward?

Team Jacob

Which team are you on Jacob or edward I am totally on team Jacob no offense to lovers of edward but Jacob rules?

I am totaly on team Alice! who's with me!

Are you Jacob or Edward from Twilight?

I am team Edward but Jacob is ok

What team is fitter team Jacob or team edward?

Bella can do better than a kid how becomes a dog when he gets angry. Jacob imprinted on Edward and Bella’s child, Renesmee. Jacob also said that he wouldn’t want Bella when she is a vampire so... yeah. Also Edward is hotter.

Is Demi Lovato Team Edward or Team Jacob?

team edward.

Is there just team jaccob and team edward or are there more?

Well there can be many different Teams. There are Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Emmett, Team Jasper, Team Bella, even Team Tyler's van (for those who don't like Bella). But the main Teams are Team Jacob and Team Edward. Although you can have whatever Team you want.

How has team Edward and team Jacob affected popular culture?

edward go edward

Do you want to be on team Jacob?

I don't WANT to be on Team Jacob...I AM on Team Jacob.....

Is Selena gomez on team Edward or team Jacob?

Selena Gomez is Team Edward.

Where can i get a team edward cause Jacob doesnt sparlke hoodie?

A website called : On the left it will say - vampires and werewolves Click on it and there will be loads of 'Team edward vs Team Jacob' stuff Hope this helps I want one too!

No Jacob haters on this question. Why is team Jacob soooo much better then team edward?

edward is silly, wolves are coool