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there is no team kristen, its just bella no team, and bella marries edward.

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2012-03-17 23:17:03
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Q: Which team Kristen choose team edward or team Jacob?
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Does it make more sense to choose team Edward or team Jacob?

It makes more sense to choose Team Edward because in the end, Bella chooses Edward and being on Team Jacob won't change her decision, sorry. However, if you believe Jacob is right for her, be on his Team DUH.

Is Kristen Stewart a edward girl or a Jacob girl?

Omg: 2 answers:If you mean Kristen as in Bella than she is oviously an Edward girl.After all he is the one she marries.But if you mean it as in Kristen Stewart (the girl outside twilight) she is actually none for now.But I would like her to be an Edward girlThe answer above was partly right but now in a interview in 2010 Kristen Stewart said that she was in Team Edward and not in Team Jacob.

Is it ok for a guy to be team Edward?

Whether you be on team Edward or team Jacob, it's both normal, I guess.. Everyone has to choose.

Is Kristen Stewart team Edward or team Jacob?

I'm not so shore but it says that she is on team Jacob on goggle, so i am not totally sure. -Simone and meg p.s Sorry

Is Bridgit Mendler on team Edward or Jacob?

She absolubtly is team edward she thinks edward is the best and and she is her fan and she is happy cause robert and kristen stay as a couple and they love each other XD

What are some reasons to be team Jacob?

Some of the reasons to choose Team Jacob could be: 1. He is hot. 2. He is better that Edward. 3. Most people are with Team Jacob. 4. He is strong. 5. He has better musculature that Edward.

What is the percentage for team edward to team Jacob?

73% = Team Edward 27% = Team Jacob

What team does Kristen Stewart like better teame edward or team Jacob?

i think she like Edward's team better as they go out and are a prefect couple but she also might like team Jacob too so I'm not sure on the answer too that but i think that the answer might be right

What is the thing woth all the 'Team Edward v.s Team Jacob I mean how do you decide?

it is basically like if you like vampires or werewolfs better that is what it is about and how you choose is either you like edward better or Jacob better or like i choose is who is cutrer and well edward is wierd and ugly

Should you be team Jacob or team Edward?

Team Jacob

Are you Jacob or Edward from Twilight?

I am team Edward but Jacob is ok

What if you want to be on team Jacob and team edward what team are you on?

i would be on team Jacob cause edward is a bloodsucker OVER A HUNDRED YEARS

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